The inside dining area can seat up to 80 people, is air-conditioned, facility for background music, a P.A system and bar. The area is blocked off and made private for function.



SENZI’S - Outside

The outside dining area can be used for group of 40 or less, the area has a retractable awning, background music, a P.A. system and bars. The area will remain open to other patrons.

Senzi's - Lounge

Upstairs in Senzi’s Lounge we can seat up to 150 people inside and have an inside and outside bar. This venue is ideal for a split braai which is cooked onsite near the outside bar. This venue has a dance floor and D-Jay.


Senzi's Executive Private Lounge

The Executive Private Lounge can seat up to 60 people, is air-conditioned, has a private bar, dance floor and D-Jay is available on request.