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Senzi's Cocktails

Long Island Ice Tea – R 59.00

Gin, Rum, Terquila, Triple Sec, Lime & Coke

California Ice Tea – R 59.00

Rum, Terquila, Blue Curacoa, Lime, Sprite

Sex on the Beach – R50.00

Rum, Vodka, Orange Juice, Grenadine

Terquila Sunrise – R 49.00

Triple Sec, Terquila, Orange Juice, Grenadine

Cosmopolitan – R 39.00

Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry Juice

Pina Coloda – R 39.00

Rum, Triple Sec, Pina Colada Mix

Strawberry Daiquiri – R 39.00

Rum, Strawberry, Cocktail Mix